Rental Property Service

SERVICE FEE Description
Housekeeping Basic $22 per hour/Deluxe $25 per hour Basic cleaning the property owner supplies products. Cleaning includes: dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, spot cleaning windows, launder towels, and change linens. Outside we: water plants, check grill, sweep deck and straighten furniture.

Deluxe cleaning includes all areas covered above but we supply the products.
Laundry Cost of laundry plus 15% Linens are taken to a local laundry. Clean linens are rotated week to week.
Supply Maintenance Cost of supplies plus 15% We monitor supplies and purchase more as needed. We also monitor and replace light bulbs and smoke detector batteries as needed.
On-Call Contact $35 per hour (1/2 hour minimum) Emergency local contact for guests. Our number can be posted at the property. We evaluate the situation and make arrangements to correct any problems.
Garbage Service $17 (in/out) Sunday evening we can pull cans out and Monday evening will return cans to the cottage.
Weekly Secure Key Turnover $35 We contact guests prior to arrival to set a time to deliver key to property. We will review house rules with the guests and answer any questions they might have.
Mid Week Security Check $25 We will return mid week to check on guests. It is not our policy to enter a cottage if the renters are not there unless you have notified the renters you have authorized us to do the patrol in their absence.
Security Deposit Checks $15 We will perform a thorough examination of the property and forward a copy of the checklist to you. It will include an estimate of damages if any are found.
Gift Baskets Cost of supplies plus 15% We can arrange to have something special for your guests. Each basket can be customized according to the season and group. Baskets will include coupons to local merchants and a list of activities taking place for the week of their stay.
Directories $125.00 We will assemble a notebook of brochures and local information. The book includes maps, activity brochures (updated with the change of season) shopping guides and dining guides. A fresh notebook is left each week.
Lawn Service By Quotation Local service to maintain lawn.