Other Services

We provide a host of other services for anyone who calls South Haven home. For those of you that work full-time or for the second home owner who cannot be here during the week to make service appointments, why not see how Coastal Clean can simplify your life.

We can provide:
  • Arrival services: deli, liquor, groceries, flowers, beach equipment rental, bike rentals, reservations, etc.
  • Weekly home services: watering plants, weeding, pet sitting, cleaning, window washing, lawn service
  • Garden services: annual planting, patio pots, watering, fertilizing, deadheading, hands on labor, tree trimming, perennial bed design
  • Personal shopping: birthdays, anniversaries, clients, etc.
    Gift baskets, gift wrapping, specialty items
  • Picnics - from "the usual" to gourmet
  • Vendor services: plumber, electrician, handyman, landscaping, contractor, etc.
  • Vacation home opening and closings
  • Reservations, tee times, theater tickets, etc.
  • Waiting/Arrival services: cable man, telephone company, contractors, repairmen, etc.
  • Assistant Away from Home services: typing, faxing, presentations, etc.
  • Home decorating services: re-think and re-use, window coverings, curb appeal
  • Event planning: family celebrations, bridal/baby showers, pre and post wedding parties, client dinners, business meetings, etc.
  • Pet sitting
  • Window washing